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Biblioteca Nacional Aruba is a dynamic Information and knowledge centre for all. The library offers information, education, cultural activities and recreation. The main building is located in Oranjestad, George Madurostraat 13. You will find a special Arubiana and Caribiana collection at Bachstraat # 5 and there is a branch in San Nicolas, P. Stuyvesantstraat, close to the Police station. We offer books in 6 languages, Dutch, Papiamento, English, Spanish, German and French. All children are welcome at the library. We have picture books, storybooks and non-fiction books. Free Internet access is offered in the Internet room both in the library of Oranjestad as well as the branch in San Nicolas. In Oranjestad we offer free WIFI.

All residents can register for a membership. Please bring along a valid identification card (Cedula, Driver's license or passport) and address identification to register. Tourist on the island are welcome to borrow books as well. Tourists pay a deposit of USD 50, = which will be given back when all books are returned. For all news and special events visit the website www.bibliotecanacional.aw

Please accept our invitation to visit. You will find that the library has something valuable to offer you. We hope to see you soon at Biblioteca Nacional Aruba.

In Aruba the library has always been more of a multifunctional and cultural centre and even more so after the Status Aparte in 1986.
In 1986 the status of the library changed from that of a public library to that of a National (public) library and was renamed to Biblioteca Nacional Aruba (BNA). BNA offers information to its visitors by collecting publications like manuscripts, books, magazines, newspapers, reports, charts, and audiovisual material. All information is made accessible to the general public. Some material however can be consulted but not checked out. A copy machine is available.
A national library with an extensive and up-to-date collection is a must for any community. At this moment Biblioteca Nacional Aruba has a collection of approximately 100,000 books and offers a variety of services to all age groups and the use of different facilities:

Reading Room
In the Reading Room you can read and study in a quiet atmosphere and make use of all reference material, like dictionaries and encyclopedias and magazine clippings. The material from this collection can be consulted but not checked out. A copy machine is available. Also newspaper and magazine clippings on English, Dutch and Spanish literature and many well-known authors is available.

It is possible to make photocopies, both black and white and color, in the paper sizes A-4 and A-3.

Internet room
Internet access is offered in the Internet room with 15 computers with at the location in Oranjestad as well as the branch in San Nicolas. All visitors are free to use these computers to search for information. To save your documents, please bring your memory key or CD. The use of these computers and searching for information on the internet is free of charge for library members. However, we charge Afl. 2,- (two florins) per half an hour for chatting, playing games and emailing. We also offer free WIFI.

Renting of space
It is possible for artists, organizations and foundation and schools to rent space for exhibitions, lectures and other kinds of presentations for a reasonable price. For non-profit organizations the fee for the activity room may be waved after evaluation by the management. For more information please contact our secretary during our opening hours at 582-1580 ext. 224


Biblioteca Nacional Aruba
George Madurostraat 13
Oranjestad Aruba
Phone +297 582-1580
Fax +297 582-5493

Branch San Nicolas
Peter Stuyvesantstraat z/n
San Nicolas Aruba
Phone +297 584-5277 /
+297 584-3939
Fax +297 584-5004

Dept. Arubiana/Caribiana
Bachstraat 5
Oranjestad Aruba
Phone +297 582-6924

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