Arubiana / Caribiana

All information about Aruba, produced by Arubans or foreigners and all material, which is published in or outside of Aruba, is collected, preserved and made accessible by Arubiana/Caribiana.

This department also offers a collection on the Netherlands Antilles and the Caribbean. The collection of Arubiana/Caribiana cannot be checked out, but can be photocopied.

This department is caracterized by the fact that all publications, with an informative and historical value for Aruba, are acquired, collected and preserved.

The department Arubiana/Caribiana has special collections:

National Collection, Collection of valuable books, Arubiana/Caribiana Collection, Hartog Collection, Ito Tromp Collection, Documentation about Aruba, Collection of magazines

The National Collection represents the cultural heritage of Aruba. This collection as well as the Collection of valuable books, which consists of rare and antiquarian pieces, are not accessible for everyone. These Collections can only be consulted with special permission of the head of the department and only for the purposes of scientific research. This valuable Collection includes the oldest book on Aruba, which dates back to 1577.


Biblioteca Nacional Aruba
George Madurostraat 13
Oranjestad Aruba
Phone +297 582-1580
Fax +297 582-5493

Branch San Nicolas
Peter Stuyvesantstraat z/n
San Nicolas Aruba
Phone +297 584-5277 /
+297 584-3939
Fax +297 584-5004

Dept. Arubiana/Caribiana
Bachstraat 5
Oranjestad Aruba
Phone +297 582-6924

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