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On this page we offer information on local artists. Feel free to contact our Dept. Arubiana (Bachstraat # 5) for additional documentation on the artists. This page is a work in progress and will be updated ever so often. Thank you for visiting.



Elvis Lopez, the driving force behind Ateliers 89, was born in Aruba. He received his bachelor in Audiovisual Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and his Postgraduate degree at the Sandberg Institute both in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Elvis was guest professor at the Sandberg Institute himself, where he was also curator for the student exposition “Underline”. Elvis has exhibited his work in different countries and Biennials, including “Oisterwijk Beeldenroute” at Galerie Pauw, Oisterwijk, the  Netherlands in 2005. Group exhibits include “sportshow” for the Laurence Foundation in Ballroom Marriot Resort and Stellaris Casino. In 2004, he exhibited in Galeria Virtual Gabriela Benaim” during the Feria International del Arte Caracas, Venezuela. In 2002, “Nos artistanan na Cuba” he filmed his own documentary presentation of  the Aruban Artists participating at the “7 a Bienal de la Habana” in Cuba. 

Contact Mr. Elvis Lopez Phone: 588 5776 or Cell: 565 4613.


Belinda de Veer was born in Aruba. She lived in the USA for 7 years where she obtained a Doctor’s degree in pharmacy. Afterwards she returned to live and work in Aruba.
She has always had a great interest in art and has followed many courses of music (piano), painting and ceramics throughout her life. From 1989 to 1993 she has followed courses at “ Atelier 89”, given by well-know artists from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Solo exhibits include “Teatro” at Access Art Gallery 2006, “E hofi di rosa” at Access Art Gallery 2004, “Human Nature” at Instituto di Cultura 2002.
Belinda has also exhibited internationally in Cas di Lobo Gallery “Caribbean Art” in the Netherlands 2005 also Teatro Luna Blou in Curaçao, group exhibit “Energia Eterno 2004.
Most recent group exhibits include “Communication” at Cas di Cultura 2006.
“Nos Fauna y Flora” Aruba Marriot Resort and Stellaris Casino 2006. Tierra del Sol, “Homageto Picasso” 2005. For more information:

Giolina Henriquez
Giolina Henriquez was born in Aruba. She started creating art and poetry at age twelve. In 1981 she graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (USA), where she majored in Illustration and Printmaking. After graduating, she returned to Aruba. Since then she has been illustrating books and national postage stamps; painting commissioned works for corporations and for the government; participating in local and international art-exhibitions.
She has been profiled in local and international television and radios shows, commercials, and film-documentaries. Giolina is also an dedicated activist for the environment and more specifically for Marine mammals (dolphins).Download 'Giolina Henriquez.doc'



Alida Martinez was born in Aruba. Alida followed courses at “Atelier 89”, by professors of the Rietveld Academie in the Netherlands between 1989 and 1993. In 2000, Alida opened “Martinez Art Studio Insight” in Paradera, Aruba. As owner-curator she organizes many exhibits in this gallery.
Solo exhibits include “Inner Outer Space”, Aruba Investment Bank N.V. , Oranjestad , Aruba in 1998. “Transparencia Interno” at Gallery Eighty Six, Willemstad, Curaçao in 1998. “Dorna bo sintì ku bo alma” at the Biblioteca Nacional Aruba in 1995.
“Raices ’89” Also at Biblioteca Nacional Aruba. Group exhibits include “Manta” at Art Studio-Gallery Insight , Aruba in 2006. “Wine, Food & Art Festival”, Wyndham Aruba Resort, Palm Beach, Aruba. “Information and Human Rights”, Instituto di Cultura, Aruba in 2005. “Social Filter” at Art Studio Gallery Insight, Aruba. “Inyeccion Crioyo” at Art Studio-Gallery Insight, Aruba in 2004. In 2003 she participated in “Memorianan Fragmenta y su Marginalidad”At Studio-Gallery Insight, Aruba. “Tress Pass” Art Studio-Gallery Insight, Paradera , Aruba. Arte “di nos e ta” , TENT in 2001-2002 in the Netherlands.
See also:
Source: Nos potret


Ryan Oduber was born in Aruba.
He studied at Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, were he attained his master degree in Fine Arts, Multi Media in 2006. He received his bachelors degree from the “Hogeschool voor de Kunsten”, Utrecht, the Netherlands for Architectural and Furniture Design in 1997.
Group exhibits in 2006 include “7th biennale of Havana” where Ryan represented Aruba in Cuba with a video installation.
“Landings 2” in Merida, Mexico.
“Landings 3” in Dominican Republic.
In 2005 “Culture Catalyst” in Lisboa, Portugal.
“Time Traveling “ at the Fifth International Art Festival in Magdeburg, Germany.
In Oisterwijk, the Netherlands, “Oisterwijk’s Sculpture Route” in 2004, 10 years of Sandberg Institute “Corporate Design still suck”.
“Kunstvlaai5” art festival, Video Art, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
“Happy Series”, 50 years European Cultural Foundation Conference, Video Art, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Other exhibit include “Saprofiet” at the occasion of Prins Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima’s visit to Cas di Cultura, Aruba in 2002. See also
Source: Nos potret



Stan Kuiperi (Aruba, 1954) is an Art Education teacher and visual artist residing in Aruba.
He has lived in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico), the USA (Florida) and Europe (the Netherlands, France) and holds a professional Art Education Degree (1ste Graads Docent Beeldende Vorming, Akademie voor Beeldende Vorming, Tilburg, the Netherlands 1981, Sticusa Art Scholarship). After having studied and lived abroad for almost 15 years, Stan Kuiperi resettled in Aruba at the end of 1984 to teach art and art education, and to contribute to the general cultural development of the Aruban community. Please find more information at



Elvis Tromp is a self-taught Aruban born painter and graphic designer.
Working mostly in oil and acryl. Elvis is at a turning point in his career as an artist and wants to discover new horizons. He is experimenting his way into abstract with a touch of realism, where the human figure combined with the circle is central. Recent exhibits include “the impact of tourism on architecture and vice versa” in Conference Center (Renaissance).
45 year anniversary of Mascaruba at Cas di Cultura.
“Aruba’s Flora” Marriot Resort & Stellaris Casino.
“Carnival” at Marriot Resort & Stellaris Casino.
In 2005 “Wildlife” in kunsthuis van het Oosten in the Netherlands.
“The Quest” at Cas di Cultura in Aruba, “Dande” Marriot Resort & Stellaris Casino, Aruba. “Dera Gai” Museo Numismatico Aruba.
Elvis has won first prize in 1983 and 1986 at Arte Popular. Most recent expositions “Art in time of crisis” Cas di Cultura and “Playing with colors” November 2010.


Irene Peterson was born in Aruba.
She graduated as a graphic artist at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1977.
She continued her studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from 1991 to 1993.
She exhibited in 2006, group exposition, “Manta” INSIGHT Gallery, Aruba.
In 2005, she participated in group exposition, “Fabric of Life”, eight woman artists working with fabric at Access Art Gallery, Aruba. A small group of artists “Energia Interna” integrated dance with art at Access Art Gallery, Aruba.
Other exhibitions include “Food, Wine & Art” at Wyndham Hotel, Aruba and “Strata” at the Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Rosie Gordon Wallace, Florida in 2003, where she also co-organized an exhibition featuring Aruban artists.
At Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Rosie Gordon Wallace, Florida she also Presented “Inter sections” in 2002 and “East meets West” Installation by three Woman artists.
Also “Earth, Wind & Fire”. In 2001, she participated at the “4o Bienal del Caribe”, Museum of Modern Art, Dominican Republic. In november 2010 she presented her latest works in a solo exposition “Another Journey” at the Westin Gallery. 


When Diana Antonette graduated from high school in Aruba in 1963, her initial plan was to study law. That year a Dutch foundation called Sticusa offered a scholarship to study dance in Holland. A career in law would have to wait; instead, Diana Antonette headed off to Holland to study for five years to be a teacher of classic ballet with a specialization in Jazz ballet and Flamenco. Diana Antonette decided to return to Aruba after her graduation in 1968. She worked for 28 years at the Arubaanse Dans en Balletschool, with an interruption of three years during which she co-founded and taught dance at Stimadanza dance school. In 1996 Diana Antonette opened her own dance school, Scol di Baile Diana Antonette.



In 1996, Glenda Heyligerattracted attention with her final project for the Gerrit Rietveld Academy’s Theatre Department, ‘Autobiografisch zelfportret’. (Autobiographical Self-portrait) (fig.110), a monumental structure made of old folded-up newspapers weighing approximately ten tons. In three carved niches she had placed certain objects that hold great meaning for her: a broken teddy bear, a family portrait in a bucket of soapy water and a small cactus. Heyliger had by then already completed several other courses of study....Download 'Glenda Heyliger Enge.doc'



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