Autora di ‘Spugen op de tosti van Hans’ ta regala biblioteca un buki

Autora di ‘Spugen op de tosti van Hans’ sra. Karin Bosman, a bishita directora di Biblioteca Nacional Aruba dialuna mainta. Durante su bishita el a conta un poco di e contenido di su buki y a entrega un ehemplar na biblioteca.

Karin Bosman lo tene un charla na Universidad di Aruba diahuebs awor pa papia riba e tema ‘Sexual harrassment in the workplace’. Idioma ta Ingles y tur hende ta bon bini den aula di universidad pa 7or. Karin ta un victima di Sexual haraasment na trabou y ta conta di su experencianan den su buki ‘Spugen op de tosti van Hans’.

Karin Bosman (44) I lives in the Netherlands. For two years she has been a victim of sexual harassment at work. The subject of this book is sexual harassment in the workplace and tells the author’s personal experience with sexual harassment and explains how emotional intimidation that offenders use keeps you in their power. “To share my story with the world and tell people what happens to victims, her surroundings I hope that the subject sexual harassment will be negotiable and that governments, companies and colleagues see what still needs to be done”.

Extract of ‘Spitting on Hans’ tosti’

“In my case the offender was the director of the company I was working for. As his personal assistant it was easy for him to demand me in to his room. The sexual harassment looked innocent at the beginning but soon after the so-called accidentally misplaced kiss on my mouth the director started to sent me his dirty WhatsApp messages. In these messages he asked me for pictures of me in bikini and more… My first reaction was to ignore it and to only reply on questions that where business related. That tactic seemed to work because he cooled down. Then the director started telling me all kinds of personal issues.....”

“In the Netherlands there is nothing written in the penal law about sexual harassment at work so I was an easy victim, I didn’t did anything wrong and the director practical assaulted me. After the trail I started writing a blog and women (and some men) started to contact me. Most of them had the same experience some of them also went to court and nobody got that recognition we all needed so much. There is a strange kind of protection in the Netherlands (and also Finland) for these criminal activities. How is this possible in a land that claims to protect all there residents? People who read ‘Spitting on Hans’ tosti’ are furious mostly because the authorities of the Netherlands do not do anything about it. They ignore our cry for help, because it is easier to ignore than accept.

My lecture about sexual harassment contains my personal story but also for example information about what to do when something like this happens to you, your colleague, your wife, friend etc. About what needs to be done when you want to share what is happing to you. How important it is to have an independent research to keep your case together and protect yourself against the lies of the offender. Very important things to reduce the damage of the traumatic experience of sexual harassment and to let go the false feeling of disgrace. I have learned a lot from lawyers, companies who do research and that when the offender refuses what needs to be done”. (Karin Bosman)

Pa mas informacion tocante e caso aki por bishita: y por asisti na e charla diahuebs awor den Aula di universidad di Aruba. E anochi ta cuminsa 7or.

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