Digitizing the Observador

Digitizing the Observador

The Observador was a weekly newspaper, which was first published in 1935, with local and international highlights of the week, sports, religion, literature and more. Unfortunately for unknown reasons, the publication stopped after many years, but in 1961 a group of youngsters took the initiative to revive the interest of the public for a weekly newsletter.

While looking for some information regarding a certain topic, I stumbled upon this newspaper and found a lot of valuable information regarding the history of Aruba in Papiamento. This was one of the reasons I started to digitalize this paper; the other reason was the condition of the documents. According to my colleagues, a lot of researchers are using the Observador for their publications, which was of course noticeable given the state the paper was in.

Besides the Observador, we also scanned a couple of governmental bulletins like Aruba; noticiero oficial di Gobierno (Insular) and Aruba; orgaan van de Voorlichtingsdienst van het Eilandgebied Aruba.

Using our flatbed Epson Expression 10000 XL, we started with the project slowly but surely. Fortunately the newspaper was just big enough that 2 pages could be scanned simultaneously. Flipping the pages, straightening, cropping, editing if necessary, saving in TIFF is a very tedious job for one person alone to do, but we managed.

Uploading the scanned publications to the dLOC website, was another challenge we encountered. It takes between 5 – 10 minutes per page to upload to the website, not to mention, nothing can be done in between on the PC, otherwise it takes longer or freezes the computer and then we have to start all over again. At the end, we found a solution for having all our scanned pages uploaded to the Digital Library of the Caribbean, which now can be viewed by you, at Biblioteca Nacional Aruba’s link www.dloc.com/ibna.

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