Ingrid Källström

Ingrid Källström is a children’s librarian from Stockholm, Sweden. She has been working with children of all ages. She has been working in schools and in different types of libraries, big and small. During ten years Ingrid had a position at the Culture House of Stockholm. She was one of the initiators and a great inspirer during the profound changes and development of the children’s library made during 2005. She has also worked and been a part of the process to develop new methods of the Children’s Book bus at Stockholm Public Library.

Ingrid always has her focus on how to implement the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in the work at the library. The issues of how to apply the perspective of a child when arranging a library and to encourage the continuing important ongoing work with how to make the children feel that it is their library and that it is necessary to ask for the children’s perspective. Ingrid has a long tradition in working with reading promotion. Present position at the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media. 

We asked Ingrid some questions to get to know her better.

  • 1.     What is your favorite children book and why?
  • 2.    Who is your favorite illustrator and why?
  • 3.    You travel all the way to Aruba…to tell the schoolchildren in Aruba a story…why?
  • 4.    What are children in Stockholm like?

My favourite book is ‘Mio, min Mio’. The english titel is Mio my son. It is written by Astrid Lindgren. Have you heard about her? Are you familiar with Pippi Longstocking? I would love to tell you more about both Pippi and Astrid. Will that be OK? I love Mio min Mio because it is a great story about friendship and about beeing brave. How to stand up for the ones who need help.

A favourite illustrator is harder to choose. But I decide to chose Stina Wirsén. She has "magic fingers" and can catch and share feelings and persons. 

I travel all the way to Aruba because I want to share books and stories from Sweden with you. I also want to know more about you and what you like to read and I hope to learn many new things from you. I think it is important to have a big interest in what happens around in the world and to be curious. I think to share stories is a good way to learn new things and a good way to make friends. I like to make new friends and to meet old friends and I have some on Aruba! For me it is also fantastic to leave cold Sweden and meet the sun, the sea and the beaches of Aruba. I know  Aruba is called the ‘Happy island’! 

The children in Stockholm... well I do not think they are different from you. They like to play, like to go to school,  but sometimes they do not. It is very popular to have a kick bike. Now during autumn and winter everyone has to put on warm cloths so it can take some minutes before you can ran out and play.

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