Insights of Truth

Diahuebs anochi 7or dia 28 di februari tin un presentacion di un buki plus CD na biblioteca. Ta trata di un un coleccion di pensamentonan, sentimentonan y experencia personal y intimo di ARTA. ARTA ta e sinonimo di Marjorie Rumnit.  

Insights of Truth, Treasures of Understanding, a harvest of Life’s Journey, (Book) is a collection of short writings which express a deeper understanding of purpose, experiences, of the relationship with Life, with the participants in life and with the different roles I am in. This understanding is the result of contemplation and meditation. Each of the writings is the fruit of a season or an experience in my life. Understanding the course makes the journey smoother for me. I hope that these insights help others to experience a smoother journey.

A Comforting Lullaby (Compact disk)

The first time the words and melody comforted the baby. I repeated the same words whenever baby cried. A song was born. Baby would always be comforted. Since then the Song of True Love, has comforted many babies, children and adults too. It made sense to record these comforting lyrics, so more babies and children can have the benefit of the empowering words.

As it is known that a baby stores what they see and hear in their subconscious mind, I thought it to be a good idea to include the poems which speak of Love, protection, purpose and self worth on the cd, to be a lifelong companion in the subconscious mind of a growing child.  

ARTA (=pseudonym for Marjorie Rumnit) completed MULO in Aruba, favoring languages, essays, composition and mathematics. Acquired secretarial skills at the Schoevers Institute in The Netherlands. Back in Aruba I continued to study the English language and writing skills. During intense experiences, I derived strength from my faith and the loving support of family and friends. My quest for clarity and truth led through a journey of understanding the reality of Life. Through study, practice and experience I developed the skills of teaching and guiding adults and youth in accessing the stillness within and to appreciate their true sense of being through meditation.


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