All children are welcome at the library. The library has a children department especially for you where you can borrow all your favorite books. We have picture books, storybooks and books for school assignments.


The library has books in several languages, so you can read books in your own language. We have books in Dutch, English, and Spanish and of course in Papiamento.

  Finding books

If you are looking for a certain book and you want to know if we have this book, you can easily look it up in our database. If you don’t know how to use the computer or if you have any other questions, you can always ask for help at the information desk. Our librarians will be happy to help you.


You can read your books in the library. Especially for you we have arranged some spots where you can read your books quietly, the so-called study corners. You can also look something up in encyclopedias and reference books.

! Computerlab !

At the library you can work on a computer. BNA has an Internet room with 20 computers. Here you can watch fun CD-ROMs or do your homework. Bring your own 3,5 inch diskette or memory key, so you can save your files. You have to be 12 years or older to enter, if you arer younger you need to be accompanied by an adult.

The mobile library

You don’t necessarily have to come to the library to borrow books. Because the mobile library also visits your school. The mobile library has children’s books up to the age of 13. Please ask for help anytime. If a book is not available right now the mobile library can bring it on the next trip.


If you want to borrow books you register as a member. Go to the page ‘Membership’ on how to become a member. You can also drop by at the library with your parents, because at the front desk you can get all the information about how to become a member.


BNA organizes a lot of fun activities for you. Your school can join in these activities, but you can also join by yourself, perhaps with your friends. Go to the news page or ‘Activities’ to see which activities are taking place when. The activities you can join are for example the Storytelling afternoon, the book market, the holiday reading program and the Children’s book festival.


Our activities are fun. So join us!


Biblioteca Nacional Aruba
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Oranjestad Aruba
Phone +297 582-1580
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Branch San Nicolas
Peter Stuyvesantstraat z/n
San Nicolas Aruba
Phone +297 584-5277 /
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Fax +297 584-5004

Dept. Arubiana/Caribiana
Bachstraat 5
Oranjestad Aruba
Phone +297 582-6924

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