Mighty Lords, Kings and Queens, Calypso and the Politics of Recognition


30 JAN 2015    

5:30PM- 8PM


Free Admission

Film Premiere 

“Mighty Lords, Kings and Queens, Calypso and the Politics of Recognition”

By Sharelly Emanuelson

Calypso music has played an important role in the history of the Caribbean as “the voice of the marginalized”. In Aruba, like on many other islands, this tradition seems to be on its death bed. Documenting this art form, which is also part of Dutch Caribbean culture, is one of the main reasons for making this film. With a snapshot approach this Documentary, “Mighty Lords, Kings and Queens, The politics of recognition” reflects on the diversity of Aruba’s community and voices the thoughts of several musicians on the Calypso & Roadmarch/Soca art form on the island.

Sharelly Emanuelson is a Dutch Caribbean Filmmaker with a MA in Artistic Research. 


Sharelly Emanuelson (1986) is a film/video artist based in the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean. She acquired her B.A. in Audiovisual Media from the School of Arts, Utrecht, followed by a M.A. in Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Her early documentary film “Su Solo I Playanan” (2010) won an audience award at the Africa in the Picture film festival (2012) and was screened at several film festivals and public debate platforms. After “Su Solo I Playanan” she started to experiment more with video, audiovisual installations, and cinema performance.

Her video work “Moments” (2013), has been shown at the There Will be Wine, Exhibition in the Hague (2013) and the Trans-ideology: Nostalgia screenings part of Transart Fest Art Biennial in Berlin (2013). “Hidden Transcripts” (2014), a Live performance event was part of a single one day exhibition group show at Gallery 1646 in The Hague (2014). For “Doh Mix Meh Up : We Always Negotiatin” (2014), which is a video installation she received the Art Academy Artistic Research Department Master Award (2014).

In addition to her audiovisual artistic practice and filmmaking she founded “Uniarte”, a Dutch Caribbean platform that enables network opportunities and coordinates exhibitions, masterclasses and dialogues with a focus on film and contemporary art.


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