Rabbi Daniel Kripper makes a donation to the public library

Rabbi Daniel Kripper offered the library to teach a course on ‘Stories for the soul: A look into our spiritual dimension through stories from the Kabbalah, the ancient mystical tradition and its contemporary meaning’. This took place in March at the public library in Oranjestad. Rabbi Kripper decided to donate the contribution the participants paid, to the public library. Rabbi Kripper expressed his wish for the library to buy a small collection of new books. Rabbi Kripper is a long time member of the library who appreciates the book collection and wants to contribute to the collection for the general public.

Rabbi Daniel Kripper and the participants discussed different themes, inspirational stories, proverbs and parables that help us face life from a perspective of hope. They had discussions based on questions posed like: How can allegories of the past be relevant for us, in our hi-tech, fast-changing world? The group looked for answers in selected stories about issues like choice and faith; sanity and insanity; success and failure; individualism and responsibility; community life and personal freedom. Rabbi Kripper guided the group discussions “I enjoyed it a lot. The group is outstanding, way beyond my expectation both, in number and level of discussion”. Ana Louisa commented “E curso ta sublime, nos tur ta siguiendo e cu masha interes. Nos a bira mas ‘sabi’” Tine commented “This course was really supersonic. You are obliged to think, really go deep in the reality of your life. Even if you don't want to because looking in life's mirror can be scary, it still seeps in, poco poco. I'm very glad I attended, it is very interesting.

Robert’s feedback goes like this ”The lectures by Rabbi Kripper have been very illuminating. They cause you to learn to see through (apparently) simple examples presented in such humble unpretentious ways, the things that hide behind a seemingly simple reality and that in truth, affect existence at so many different levels. To see the power of the bright mind that can have the luxury of such humility. To question where we are in our existence, inward as well as related to others. Thank you for bringing these lectures.” 

Rabbi Daniel Kripper is an acknowledged public speaker and educator on issues of spirituality, religion and psychology. Mr. Kripper is currently the spiritual leader of Beth Israel, the Jewish community of Aruba.

The library offers a large collection of fiction and non-fiction books in different languages. The library is always welcoming new members. Membership for adults is 5 florins per year. The library is open non-stop on workdays.

Photo: Rabbi Kripper hands the director of the library, Mrs. Astrid Britten, a donation.

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