Reading festival

Reading festival

Biblioteca Nacional Aruba is organizing a Reading festival. This festival is for people who like stories and have a passion for reading or want to be inspired. You are invited to attend for pure enjoyment and there are different activities like, a book swap and of course you can read aloud in front of an audience. There will be a special program for children during the afternoon. There will be storytelling and more and you are invited!
Children are welcome between 3 and 6 o’clock .
The program in the evening is for all ages, from 7 o’clock till 9 o’clock PM.
San Nicolas:
Thursday July 13- 2013, from 7 till 9 o’clock PM. Everyone is welcome.
Would you like to join and do you want to read for an audience? You can choose your own story. You can sign up with Roxan Hijmans,  Be sure to give us your name age, title of the story, book or poem.

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