Roberto Croes ta conta storia: na casnan di Anciano

E proyecto anual di Conta cuenta di Biblioteca Nacional Aruba ta drenta su di 3 luna. Sra Frida Vrolijk y sra. Ruthy Vrieswijk-Bergen a percura pa un programa special na cas di anciano na april y mei. Sr. Roberto Croes ta riba programa na juni. Esaki ta e ultimo 4 presentacionnan pa e aña aki. Sr. Roberto Croes ta trece un programa varia cu ta consisti di musica, storia y poesia. Pues un presentacion special pa e grandinan na casnan di Anciano.

Bibliotecarianan di Biblioteca Nacional Aruba hunto cu contadornan di storia y poetanan ta bishita e casnan di anciano y ta presenta un programa di 1 ora cada siman. Ta bishita cas di Anciano na Savaneta, San Nicolas, Playa y Cas Marie. E programa ta varia cu contamento di cuenta, declamacion di poesia y na final ta pasa un documentario cortico. E proyecto tin un duracion di 3 luna. Meta di e proyecto ta pa stimula lesamento y contamento di storia.

E aña aki biblioteca por a conta cu presentacion di sra. Frida Vrolijk, Ruthy Vrieswijk-Bergen y sr. Roberto Croes. Roberto a yega di declama poesia den diferente Cafe literario na biblioteca.

Despues di e presentacion di Roberto Croes ta presenta un documentario cortico di e Dera Gay. Esaki ta un produccionnan special di Servico Audiovisual di Biblioteca. Dor di wak e documentario di un faceta di historia cultural di Aruba hopi recuerdo lo bin ariba cu por comparti. Otro meta di e proyecto aki ta pa yuda tene e habitantenan di e casnan socialmente activo banda di promocion di lesamento. Clausura di e programa di 2013 ta diahuebs mainta, dia 27 di juni na St. Michael Paviljoen. Biblioteca Nacional Aruba ta gradici e service club Kiwanis Palm Beach pa e donacion pa e proycecto aki.

Story telling, poetry and more for Aruba's elderly

Aruba's National library, in cooperation with poets, authors and storytellers on the island brings special activities to the elderly. A well-motivated team of librarians and sound technicians visits the elderly homes on Tuesday mornings. The elderly are treated to mornings of literature, music, dancing and movie watching for weeks in a row.

Goal of the story-telling project is to help keep the elderly socially active as well as to promote reading. The story telling project has a duration of 3 months and is specifically designed for the less mobile group in the society, the residents of the different elderly homes on the island. The project turned out to be quite successful. Librarians put an attractive program of poetry and storytelling together. By watching sketches about proverbs and sayings by amateur actors the participants are triggered to dig up and share nice memories of times gone by.

The library received a donation from the service club Kiwanis Palm Beach. Kiwanis helps out with an allowance for the authors and story-tellers to cover some basic expenses. The library will continue to develop projects for seniors in 2013.



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