Rudyomar Leysner

Rudyomar Leysner was born on February 20th 1988. From a young age he liked drawing on things, any object he could find. During primary school Rudyomar was influenced by video games. He used to draw all the characters in detail during class, breaks and even in church.

In 2007 he moved to Colombia to pursue a career in art at the ‘Fundacion Universitaria de Bellas Artes’. It was the 1st time he really got experience and learned what making art is about, learning about different mediums, techniques, styles. To Rudyomar it was a time filled with possibilities to create art and he started on his own expressions. In 2010 he continued his study at a university in Cartagena, ‘Institucion Universitaria de Bellas artes y Ciencias de Bolivar’.

Rudyomar presented 5 solo art exhibitions in Aruba including one at the library. He has also participated in group exhibitions locally and in the United States, Colombia and Spain. Most recently being guided by artist Alex Grey, during the ‘Visionary Art Intensive’ in New York last year.

Rudyomar was featured in the local publication ‘Hoben y Talentoso’ amongst other talented youngsters. Rudyomar illustrated the children’s book ‘ Super wela den coma’ presented by the library, a special publication for the children’s book festival. This book was written by Fred Diks. Rudyomar will visit schools during the festival to show children his illustrations.


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