Island Life: Aruba’s best kept diary


Dept. Arubiana ta host un evento special diaranson awor. Ta trata di lanzamento di buki ‘ Island life: Aruba’s best kept diary’ di columnista Rona Coster. Esaki ta tuma lugar na Dept. Arubiana den Bachstraat 5 pa 5or. Rona Coster Kahan ta conoci pa su columnanan ‘Bati bleki’ y tambe Rona ta radioshow hostess di e programa radial ‘Pika’. Rona ta co-fundador di e revista conoci ‘Island temptations’. ‘ Island life: Aruba’s best kept diary’ ta un coleccion di storia y recuerdo di Rona tocante nos isla, e cultura y e habitantenan di Aruba, skirbi entre 1992 y 2004.

Rona Coster says on her fanpage ‘Bati bleki: “It’s here. ‘Island Life’ is here. I received the first official copy this morning over coffee and balloons. Book will be available starting March 16 at all book stores and select gift shops in Palm Beach, at Marriott, Hyatt, Coconuts, T.H. Palm & Company & Taste of Aruba. Thanks to sponsor UNOCA for making this book a reality”.

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