Literacy* is *Life* itself!


Literacy* is *Life* itself!

Minister di Corsou, drs. Alcalá Wallé ta bishita Aruba pa duna un charla durante e conferencia di ACURIL. Sra. Marilyn Alcalá Wallé ta minister di Educacion, Sciencia, Cultura y Deporte na Corsou. Titulo di su charla ta *Literacy* is *Life* itself!’ y e ta toca 3 punto importante:
1. Importance of Literacy and LLL and Access and opportunity for all.
2. Curaçao among the Caribbean Libraries and envisioning the future.
3. Supporting literacy strategies in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sra. Marilyn Alcalá Wallé ta duna su charla diamars dia 4 di juni, pa 1or na Renaissance Convention Center pa un publico internacional di Information professionals cu lo tey pa intercambia experencia di trabou y idea.

Circular economy: A new name for the SDGs

Despues di sra. Marilyn Alcalá Wallé su charla publico ta sigui cu un presentacion di Minister drs. Armando Rudy Lampe titula ‘Circular economy: A new name for the SDGs’. Sr. Armando Rudy Lampe ta minister actual di Enseñansa, Sciencia y Desaroyo Sostenibel na Aruba.

Den su palabranan di bonbini na tur participante di e conferencia di ACURIL minister Lampe ta expresa: “This year’s conference theme, Sustainable Development and the UN 2030 Agenda, is a theme that is close to my heart. Together we face the challenge to save this planet, to do everything we can to make our homes, our libraries, our islands, our countries a better place, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 provide a clear and tangible path to work towards these global objectives …

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