Our beautiful planet


E siman aki Centro di Educacion Special, Desaroyo y Stimulacion Special (CEDES) ta presenta su exposicion anual na biblioteca. Apertura ta dialuna atardi pa 6or y mey. Un exposicion di pintura habri henter siman pa tur esnan interesa pa wak e resultado di e lesnan creativo di alumnonan special.
Tambe un un invitacion di CEDES, pa e mayornan y e grupo di muchanan cu Autismo y Down Syndrome entre 4 pa 19 aña cu ta participa den exposicion di pintura y cuadra “OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET”.

Nos ta spera boso por bin Dialuna 24 di Juni 2019 na e apertura, nos ta cuminsa 6:30pm. Muchanan a traha un programa special pa e dia aki.

Esaki ta un exposicion di e muchanan di CEDES, un centro pa muchanan special: CEDES is a center of special education, oriented to work in different areas like structure, behavior, fine and gross motorskills, alternative communication for kids with autism, down syndrome and cerebral palsy. The one on one contact helps the kids in their particular needs and orient the parents how to work with them at home. With the help of workshops we inform the community about their integration, emotions, sensory issues, specially using art and yoga to improve the attention, creativity and concentration.

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