Traha un buki creativo


Biblioteca Nacional Aruba ta ofrece un curso con pa traha un buki creativo (Art Journal) pa tur cu tin gana di explora e forma di expresion aki. E curso ta cuminsa dia 6 di september y tin 1 sesion pa siman pa 5 siman. Registracion ta posibel via

Sesionnan ta diabierna atardi 5or pa 7or, Dia 6, 13, 20, 27 di september. Ultimo sesion ta dia 4 di october. E curso ta costa 125 florin.

Kico ta un ‘Art Journal’?
Un ‘Art Journal’ ta un diario caminda ta warda idea, imahen, haci experimento, traha composicion nobo, experimenta cu material y color, dibuha, corta/pega (collage), usa tur sorto di material y tur tecnica pa yega na algo cu bo ta gusta. Tambe bo ta skirbi den dje, un combinacion di texto y imahen. Docente pa e curso ta sra. Lilly Peterson. Pa mas informacion por yama na biblioteca 582 1580 y puntra pa Gina.

Material: Participantenan ta trece nan Art journal, potlood, kleurpotlood, pencil sharpener y un gum. Por trece otro material tambe.

Blog post di Lilly Peterson:

Tayer Buki Creativo na biblioteca (Art journaling)
Art journaling is speaking from the heart through small works of art in combination with writing. Art journaling goes to the heart of constructing meaning in your life. It is a way of expressing yourself when words are not enough. Art journaling adds, scribbles, drawings, images, texture and color to your writing; creating a more profound way of communicating. You don’t have to be an artist or a poet to keep an Art journal.
In speaking from the heart; small well thought out powerful works of personal expressions and cultural manifestations gives rise to the constitution of authentic communication which can lead to having deep dialogues with each other. Deep dialogues goes beyond the everyday gossiping. With deep dialogues true thoughts of the mind and feelings of the heart can be expressed.

Here is what Gloria, employee of the library has to say about her experience with Art journaling: “E ta algo hopi creativo cu a yudami expresa y transmiti mi sentimentonan. Pintando e dibujonan y duna nan un color a yudami saca mi emocion cu tawata tin mi molestia na un manera facil y libremente.”

The sessions will be given Lilly Peterson. Lilly will exhibit her artworks that lead her to give Art journaling sessions, at the library in San Nicolas. Opening of this exhibit will be on the 22nd of August at 5 pm. The exhibit will remain on show until February 2020 during the opening hours of the library.
For the art journaling sessions please bring along a Journal or old hard cover book, scissors, ruler, glue and paper; an ordinary HB pencil; color pencils; a pencil sharpener and an eraser You are free to use other material as well.


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