Exposition ArubABC (Mi buki di Aruba)


ArubABC by Steffen Maas wants to promote the unique Aruban culture to foreign visitors as well as to Arubians. Arubabc wants to stimulate literacy, reading culture and cultural awareness among kids and pupils in Aruba. ArubABC is partnered by World Literacy Foundation.

The ArubABC Exhibition at Biblioteca Nacional Aruba shows the current development of the ABC about Aruba, as well as the preparation of its first publication “Mi Buki di Aruba”. Visitors of the exhibition and lecture are invited to give their input and remarks to the content of ArubABC.
Illustrator and graphic designer Steffen Maas (1973) is the author and designer of ArubABC. Steffen lives in Aruba since 2016 and worked at the former Academy of Fine Arts and Design Aruba (formerly known as Rietveld Aruba) until 2018.

ArubABC by Steffen Maas creates art prints, stationary products and customized designs as well as educational materials. ArubABC stationary products are currently sold by Bruna Aruba, Plaza Bookshop, DeWit & VanDorp and Horacio Oduber Hospital.

Exhibition 26 februari-6 maart 2020
Monday to Friday during the library’s opening hours.
Public lecture by Steffen Maas on February 27, 7 PM.

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