Mas storia y mas inspiracion


10 cursista a sigui e curso cu Biblioteca Nacional Aruba a ofrece di skirbi ‘Creative nonfiction’ cu docente Deedee Baarh. Diaranson tabatin e ultimo sesion. Cursistanan a explora nan creatividad den skirbimento y a traha riba diferente tarea.  Participantenan a keda hopi contento cu tur e informacion con pa skirbi un essay y tur e inspiracion y ideanan nobo y tambe cu por a comparti ehercicionan pa haya feedback y bay dilanti den skirbimento.

Cursistanan ta: Chito Paris, Rodney E. Croes, Alexis Dirksz, Ling Wong, Inez Molenaar, Soryanne Werleman, Gina Jie Sam Foek, Tristan Every, Giandra Croes y Ilan Lopez.

Ling Wong: “Thanks Deedee. I will go through all powerpoint presentations a few more times. I consider your material a great treasure. What I especially took from the last class is the desire to know more about modern poetry. I will definitely see if I can find some reading at the library. Also as soon as this hectic period is over I will edit my work based on your recommendations. Thank you once more”


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