Senior citizens learn digital skills


A group of 13 senior citizens is full of excitement this morning at the library in San Nicolas. A great day for this group of people who are graduating after a ten sessions course on how to use the computer and Smartphone. The thirteen graduates have familiarized themselves with both computer and Smartphone and are looking forward to the advanced class.  And they feel awesome.

The instructor and initiator of the project, Mrs. Jacqueline V. Woodley noticed some senior citizens don’t have the digital skills today’s  society and digital era requires. “They must not stay behind” she says. A month ago she started with the first group to teach them how to use a computer and their Smartphones.

She had help for this project of the library in San Nicolas, O’Niel Caribbean Kitchen and Assistant Miss Iscah M. Le Grand. “We are an awesome team together” she says. Our Minister of Education, Science and Sustainable Development was invited for the closing, but he was not able to make it. He did ask the director of Biblioteca Nacional Aruba, Miss Astrid Britten to fill in for him and she did.

Mrs. Jacqueline V. Woodley observes: “Aruba is growing and we must all fulfill our part. We have to correct where we went wrong and develop ourselves to fill gaps that were created. Every generation has their role to play and cannot be skipped or excluded. We must continue to educate ourselves to fill the gaps. We can all enjoy the piece of the cake without having to fight or kill each other for it. We are a peculiar people, versatile, extremely creative and smart in our different areas. All are manditory, none exempt. Let us all work towards it together without eliminating anyone.”
Aruba is complying with Lifelong learning and Combating Social Exclusion according to United Nations and Unesco Sustainable Development Goals with this initiative. San Nicolas is running with it. I am San Nicolas. You are San Nicolas. We are San Nicolas and together we are doing it.”

In the last week of August, Mrs. Jacqueline V. Woodley will be start 2 more courses. If you are interested and you are a 60plusser/senior citizen, please enroll at San Nicolas library from Monday through Friday and ask for Mrs. Judith Ling.

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