Basic skills and digital inclusion, support for vulnerable target groups


The next ACURIl Conference for Caribbean Information professionals will take place in Aruba in June 2019. Biblioteca Nacional Aruba welcomes you to participate in this conference which will cover interesting topics . Speaker Mrs. Maaike Toonen from Holland will address the theme ‘Basic skills and digital inclusion, support for vulnerable target groups’

The program ‘Basic Skills’ is a national program in which the National Library helps local libraries in developing various services for vulnerable target groups to prevent social exclusion. These services concern for example non-formal literacy courses and courses for developing digital skills.
On a national level the National Library facilitates educational content, research and development, benchmark and performance measurements, marketing and communication, national policy considering literacy and basic skills and so on.
In her presentation she will tell you more about the program and the specific role local libraries in the Netherlands have concerning social inclusion.

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