BNA – Biblioteca Nacional Aruba

Everyone can sign up to become a library member. Membership fee for children is only Afl. 1,- and for adults Afl. 5,- per year. Below you will find information about how to become a member, subscription fees and rules. Please bring along a valid identification card (Cedula, Driver’s license or passport) and address identification to register. Please present an original identification, copies are not accepted.

Annual subscription rates:
Children [0-12 years] Afl. 1,-
Teens [13-17 years] Afl. 3,-
Adults [18+] Afl. 5,-
You will receive a personal library card after registration and payment.

Trainees and visitors on the Island pay a deposit in addition to the membership fee. The deposit is USD 50,- or Afl. 100,-. When you cancel your membership and return your membership card and all books, the deposit will be returned.


1• Kids can buy two library cards.
2• Children can borrow 3 books for three weeks on one library card.
3. It is not allowed to check out more than three books per card.


1• Teenagers can buy up to 2 library cards.
2• With a Teen library card four books can be borrowed for three weeks. Among the four books a maximum of three children books.
3• It is not allowed to check out more than four books.


1• Adults can buy three cards and one child subscription at the most.
2• Adults can check out four books for three weeks.
3• It is not allowed to have more than four books at home per membership card.

The date on which the books have to be returned will be stamped on a bookmark. Please call for an extension.

Extension by telephone
It is possible to request an extension by phone, in case you would like to keep the books a little longer. Extension by telephone is only possible before or on the expire date. Please call the following numbers during our opening hours: 5821 580 or 5821 540. Books, of which the expiration date has passed, cannot be extended.

Members can put a hold on books for free, maximum is three books.
Teens and adults pay Afl. 0,50 per reservation.

Please return the books on time! Or extend by phone!
If you return the borrowed books too late, a fine will be charged. The fine starts at Afl. 0,25 per book per day, with a maximum of Afl. 10,- per book. The days on which BNA is closed are not taken into account.
After payment of the fine you will receive a receipt. The fine can only be paid cash at the cash register when returning books at the front desk.

Loss of membership card
Every member of the library is responsible for his/her own membership card. If you lose your membership card, please inform us immediately, so the card can be blocked. We charge for duplicates.
Duplicate library cards:
Kids and teenagers: Afl. 5,-
Adults Afl. 10,-

Flyer new members:

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