Information for Sustainable Development


Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL) ta tene su di 49 conferencia aki na Aruba di 2 pa 6 di juni 2019. Durante conferencia ta focus riba e Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG’s ) cu ta e framework di UN 2030 agenda. Tema di e conferencia ta: ‘Access and opportunity for all: Caribbean Libraries, Archives and Museums supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’. Sr. Geerders ta tene su presentacion dialuna dia 3 di juni, 1or di merdia na Renaissance Convention Center.

Sr. Paul Geerders ta presenta e tema aki:
The presentation will demonstrate the essential role of well-organized information as a basis for decision making, planning and policy development in relation to sustainable development, preparation for the impacts of climate change, and management of risks. Examples will be used from various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. As an introduction in the vast field of information management, it will mention the main issues related to information management and in this context emphasize the key position of the information manager within an organization. Finally, a number of suggestions will be presented for protocols and procedures for internal information management, to be included in an organization-wide information policy document.

Mr. Paul Geerders has been active in the field of information management during his entire career: initially working for the Dutch government, then for UNESCO, and from 1995 as an independent consultant. He worked in many countries around the world, but since 1991 he focuses on Latin America and the Caribbean, in the form of consultancy and the provision of training on subjects related to information management. Meanwhile in The Netherlands he dictated many training courses on subjects related to information management, including for GO-Opleidingen. Since a few years he presents his initiatives under the heading of: Information for Sustainable Development, underlining that a solid information base is essential to achieve sustainable development and realize the UN SDG’s. In the Acuril region he is involved in projects and similar activities in Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Uruguay.

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