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The next ACURIl Conference for Caribbean Information professionals will take place in Aruba in June 2019. Biblioteca Nacional Aruba welcomes you to participate in this conference which will cover interesting topics such as ‘Embracing the UN 2030 agenda’, ‘Focus on the roles of libraries, archives, museums and other information institutions in achieving those SDG’s’, ‘Best practices’ and ‘Achievements’.

We are very happy to invite all ACURILEANS, Information Professionals, Exhibitors and Friends to participate in the 49th Annual ACURIL Conference to be held in Aruba.

We would like to offer you an impression of what you may find on the island as a visitor. For more information please visit the website of the Aruba Tourism Authority,

Keynote speakers

We welcome three Keynote speakers for the ACURIL 2019 Conference, Maaike Toonen (Koninklijke Bibliotheek), Arno Boersma (Center of Excellency) and dr. Cees Hamelink.

Title of dr. Cees Hamelink’s presentation is “Libraries: sanctuaries for authentic communication”.

Cees Hamelink

Short Bio: Dr. Cees Hamelink studied philosophy and psychology in Amsterdam where he received his PhD degree in 1975 at the University of Amsterdam. He worked as journalist, consultant to several intergovernmental organisations and national governments and guest-lectured in some 40 countries. He is emeritus professor of international communication at the University of Amsterdam and professor of human rights and public health at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

He is honorary president of the International Association for Media and Communication Research and editor-in-chief of the International Communication Gazette. He published 19 books on human rights, culture and technology and numerous other academic writings. He is also a passionate jazz musician.

If you have any questions about the ACURIL conference and/or a visit to Aruba please visit the ACURIL website. If you have any questions or plan to attend the conference please email us at: If you are an exhibitor and have questions please use this emailaddress and if you wish to participate and have questions please use: We will try to answer all questions as soon as possible. Soon more information on the official website.

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